Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Because they are cute

I know...three posts in a row. I have alot I've been saving up. The previous post about our day left out some pictures of the younger set. They are too cute to be forgotten.

Emily is potty training. It is good news for the dentist as lollipops are doing the trick.
"I need candy!"

"Mom, I need to go potty so I can have more candy!"
Here is my perpetually happy baby. He is such a charmer.
Even teething he still crawls around smiling and letting the drool just drip off his chin. No, he isn't babbling (la, ma, da, etc.) But he has quite a vocabulary of throat sounds and has recently learned how to give kisses - and not the open-mouth, I'm going to gum you to death variety. He can pucker up that mouth like a fish and will chase you down to give you a kiss.

He really doesn't like it when his sisters leave him out of the fun.

They do come back to check on him often to make sure he hasn't become too lonely.



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Dy said...

OMgosh, he's gotten so big. So happy! So beautiful! (I know, he's a boy, but he is a *beautiful* little boy!)

I love that last shot. Ah, the fate of the littlest one. LOL.


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