Saturday, July 21, 2007

Seven Hours for Book 7

We avoided the HP parties last night, but our local grocery store was having a small neighborhood party. We didn't go to that either, but DH did find out that they were receiving 300 copies. We figured since we were so close to 2 B&N and 2 Borders, and a Target and a Walmart, that the gorcery store would be a good spot to get a quick copy. DH headed over about 11:55 and was home at 12:05. Being the smart man that he is he immediately handed off possession of the book to me. I read until 2am, when I couldn't keep my eyes opened. DH got up with the kids this morning, so I slept until 9. Upon awakening I returned to the book. I finished the last word, in the last Harry Potter book at a little after 2 this afternoon.

Sniff, Sniff.

Now I just need to purchase the Audio Recording.



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Deb said...

Here is my daughter's HP Book 7 experience at my blog:


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