Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It is kind of quiet, and lazy around here. Preschool activities abound and I am enjoying the little break of having lesson plans for the fall basically determined and not having to put together daily lessons. On the down side, I'm not doing to well with my morning shower schedule. I generally let Mary watch over the others while I jump in. Not really ready to give that responsibility to Katie.

Mary gave us a really nice surprise while she is gone. She asked her neighborhood friends to come over and play with Katie some while she was gone. There is a little background here; during the spring I asked Mary to include Katie occassionally in her play with the other girls. I had to remind them that Katie is not that much younger than one of the little girls she already plays with and that Katie would be in K this coming year. I didn't make Mary play with Katie all the time, just once in awhile. It has been an ongoing lesson in empathy and treating younger children with respect. But, when two little girls showed up yesterday, knowing Mary was gone and wanting to play with Katie, I was so happy. To find out that Mary asked them specfically to come over and play. It was just such a thoughtful gesture from her, especially since she really has had to work on being nicer to Katie recently. Katie is on cloud nine because the older children want to play with *her*.

Mary enjoyed her first day of day camp at the beach. Although she did tell Mamaw that she thought it would be the last year she wanted to do the day camp. She wants to start going to sleep-away camps. Last night she sounded exhausted on the phone, so I hope she got a good night's sleep.

I have not started working on any projects. I've thought about giving the girls' bedroom a good cleaning out, but Katie and Emily have set up a whole village with Little People and Dora and I hate to disrupt this quiet play activity. I could be cleaning out elsewhere, but just feel sort of "eh" about it. Maybe I will get some motivation as the week comes to an end.

Last night I just vegged out. I watched this week's episode of 'Army Wives', that show has totally sucked me in this summer. The last show that I looked forward to episodes of like this one was 'Seventh Heaven'. And, I just doodled around on the old laptop. What a waste the night was in regards to anything productive - but I need nights like that occassionally.

I just want to give some Kudos to Amazon. I ordered Mary's science materials last Thursday evening and had them sent through the 'savers' shipping. They arrived yesterday shortly after lunch! So, on my list to do is go through the materials and other science experiement books I have and figure out how I am going to get the '10' weeks to last 20. It really shouldn't be that hard as slow as we move sometimes.

Off I go to my day.


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