Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is the day over?

I am exhausted. The kids have had a wonderful time today, but I am beat. The only blessing was that Robbie slept in until 7:45 this morning and I slept right along with him. Two more didn't appear until after 8:30 and Mary was still sleeping at 10 when I sent Robbie into the room to wake her up. He is still a baby and adorable so she doesn't get mad when HE wakes her - it is the rest of us that have to watch out.

Of course this sleeping in did nothing for the schedule - but obviously we all needed some sleep. We still managed to finish most everything up before 3 this afternoon. Although, I did just realize we forgot science for Mary - but since it is astronomy that can be handled tonight.

Katie started off the day asking for a math puzzle game which she does independently and Mary of course headed for the computer to check on her webkin. Emily and Robbie played really well together with stacking blocks - Emily built and Robbie destroyed. I did housework through most of the morning - sweeping, cleaning the kitchen and laundry - those never ending tasks.

Around 11 we actually got down to business. We started off with a group math activity. It was really for Katie, but I knew that since it involved glue everyone would want to do it. So, I tweaked it for everyone. Everyone got paper plates - Katie's had numbers 1-5 on the plates, Mary had subtraction problems and Emily's were blank. The had to glue down the correct number of objects onto each plate, well Emily just got to glue.

I thought the directions were pretty straight-forward, match the number of objects with the number on the plate. But, my creative energy child started by gluing an eye on number one. Well then she needed another eye. And the markers, then two beads for dimples.

Emily was in heaven she got to use glue and markers.

After lunch we curled up on the sofa and read, and read. Mary got started on her schoolwork and did a wonderful, independent job with her math and latin vocabulary. Katie worked on writing her full name and then with help completed a connect-the-dots through 30. Once both babies were down we pulled out the big fun for the day - paint.

Their assignment was to paint a picture and then narrate a story for the painting. First they had to get the sillies out. Which included painting around their mouths with the black paint. Why they did it? I have no idea. Why I took pictures - I'm not sure.

The girls did some great pictures. Mary's were really good and she had a pretty good story. Katie's were good also, although I have to say she tried to get to involved with the story and it was pretty disjointed.

Mary's picture of what will happen when the sun starts to die.

Rainbow picture (Mary)
Dolphins playing behind a cruise ship (Mary)
Katie working on her sea-life painting
Katie's island with the red boat.

About the time we were finishing the painting thunder started and we all ran outside to gather our laundry. The babies woke up from their naps and we called it a day.

I need to finish laundry and cook dinner now. At least I don't have to do too much planning for tomorrow. We are going blueberry picking in the morning, which means only reading and math in the afternoon. I know that I will at least be tired after trying to pick berries and keep up with four children.



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