Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blueberry Picking

We drove about 30 minutes out into the country for blueberry picking this morning. It was a good little drive and I kind of scoped out properties as it is one of the areas we have talked about moving to in the future. The farm was a great little hippie farm, not big on space and perfect for keeping up with the kids.

The set-up is totally mix-and-match, re-use/recycle in action. Guineas, chickens, roosters and peacocks/peahens wandering around. An above-ground swimming pool right next to the picking area - which my girls thought was a wonderful idea until I told them the pool wasn't part of the deal.
Mary was probably the most excited about going, which lasted about 10 minutes into picking. She gave me her berries and busied herself chasing bugs, entertaining Robbie and whining about how hot it was (it really wasn't being that it was morning and overcast). She redeemed her excitement when the owner told her she could have all the peacock feathers she could find. She spent the last little bit of time picking up feathers.
Emily had a blast. I think she ended up with five blueberries, but ate many more than that. She also found the blackberry bushes nearby and discovered that she likes blackberries as much as blueberries. I had to keep herding her back to the blueberries. She totally has the whole 'Sal' thing from Blueberries For Sal.
Katie had the best time picking berries, even if she doesn't look like it. She didn't want to stop. She is the only one who doesn't eat blueberries, but had a blast picking them.

I ended up with nearly 6 qts for $2.75, plus a box full of peacock feathers for free.

Now, I need to go clean-up the kitchen and decide what is for dinner, since it is after 6pm. DH will be home soon and he will think all I did when we came home was look at different book lists on the computer, read through some boards on the internet and take a nap.



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Dy said...

Oh, I'm envious. All our blueberry farms got nailed in the late freeze, so there were no berries to pick this year. :-(

Looks like the girls had a great time!

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