Monday, July 23, 2007

The Garden Died

I was quite saddened because at the beginning of June it looked so good. But all the weather extremes caught up with it and in the end only a few plants escaped enough that I have allowed them to try and make a feeble go of it. The weather extremes we have had since May took their toll.

The frustrating thing is that I hear any yahoo can grow tomatoes and zuchinni. Laugh if you want but my first year trying tomatoes and darn if I don't get three tomatoes and then all the leaves dried up and fell off. The zuke plants still look really good - but no fruit. I've left them to see if a miracle may happen.

I spent part of the weekend yanking plants and turning soil again. I added some more soil and a little more of our compost to the empty areas. After letting it sit for a couple days I have planted what I had left of our seeds. It looks like I can get two gardens in where we are. Fingers crossed that our August/September weather will be better for the garden. And, where or where are all the bees we have had for the last few years?

In a few weeks we will be planting our fall/winter crops. As spring crops the lettuce and spinach did pretty well. We are going to add cabbage to the mix this time.

I do not have a balck thumb, I do not have a black thumb....



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