Thursday, July 05, 2007

The heat is on...

and our AC isn't.

I turned off the AC over the weekend because we had this wonderful cool, dry air mass move in. I enjoy being able to have the house open and breezez blowing through. Then, last night DH went to turn on the AC because it was starting to become humid. As he went around shutting all the windows I kept telling him that nothing was blowing out of the vents. And, he kept telling me the fan was running on the AC unit so therefore it was on. I finally shut my mouth and sat on the sofa under the ceiling fan. A little while later he comes back into the room and asks me if it feels any cooler. Of course it didn't.

By this time it was cooling off outside and we opened everything back up and turned on the attic fan. Thankfully it got back into the 60s last night.

This morning, though, I heard on the weather that we could be looking at near 100 and humid over the weekend. I asked DH if we could call someone and got permission to not wait until he could get to it. A little after 9 this morning the HVAC company we use was at our house. Unfortunately, our blower motor is bad and they didn't have the right size. They are supposed to be back tomorrow morning with the motor.

So we had to grind through today with temps only in the low '90s. I believe it is 88 in the house at this moment. At least it was fairly cool until lunch. The kids have dressed lightly, except during Mary and Katie's dressing up time, and had frequent trips to the wading pool.

Dinner tonight is a real gourmet. After I announced that the appliances in the kitchen were off limits as I wasn't going to get heat stroke trying to cook dinner, they decided on cold cereal for dinner. I've defrosted a bag of precooked shrimp and will have those with a salad. Watermelon and Canteloupe for dessert with maybe some ice cream later.



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