Saturday, July 28, 2007


After talking with a friend of mine I got the urge to move furniture around in our 'front room'. The room that serves as our computer room, den and guest room. We have also been using it more and more as a classroom for Mary and Katie, letting the younger ones have the run of the family room to play in.

Excuse the mess, I took these pictures as 'in progress' pictures. And I still have not been able to totally finish the job with all the clean up.

First I rotated the sofa across the room so it sits under the front window. This is our sofa bed, and thus our guest room. I pulled in some bookshelves from other areas of the house and built a 'wall' of sorts to separate the two areas. The chest in the background was my grandmother's hope chest and was made by her brother. Unfortunately it is starting the come apart, so for safety reasons I keep it up against the wall. I think I am going to use it as our library book storage area once it has been cleaned off.
The back half of the room is the office/school room area. Off the picture, to the right, is my desk and computer. To set up the computer Katie is using I switched out the table we were using for our previoius 'art' table and the kitchen table. Our existing kitchen table worked better for setting the computer up.
Katie is so happy to have this computer set back up. Several of her favorite CD rom games would not play on our new computer.

The bookcase in here holds our current books and supplies. I'm going to continue using the bookcases in the family room to store our extra books. The cubbies hold several manipulatives, some activities for the younger kids if they come in and board books/extra reading books within easy reach for all the children.

Mary's desk was moved back into the corner. Less distraction in this corner. Right now it is covered with things I need to move to their correct home, so is a real mess.

I had to take this picture of the computer set-up because I am likely to not see the area this clean again.

I was kind of worried how DH was going to like it. But, surprisingly he liked it better than the previous set-up. I look around and realize we don't "school" at Home, rather we live in a "school."



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