Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Again

Mary came home yesterday afternoon. It was nice to have the family all together. The other girls were so excited to have their sister home. Mary had a wonderful time with my mom and at her day camp. Apparently she was a perfect angel the whole time. Which makes me grit my teeth even harder when not 15 minutes after walking in the door she is letting loose on me about something I did or didn't do for her. Grrrr.

While she was down there Mom went ahead and took her to our family's eye doctor. We are trying to narrow down issues that might be causing Mary to struggle so much with reading. Other issues have already been ruled out, so it was time for an eye exam. Other indications made us think that if anything Mary was far sighted with an astigmatism (my mom and I have that), but no, she is actually nearsighted.

My mom told me that when the eye doctor put her behind the machine to see what prescription she needed, Mary looked through that and exclaimed that she never realized that things were fuzzy before. Her eyes are not that bad and she only needs reading glasses at this point.

When she came home we went down and picked out some frames and her new glasses should be here early next week.

I don't know if this will resolve everything, but I called my sister who was another nearsighted child and got glasses around 7 or 8. She told me what a difference it made. She went from below average reading group to the top reading group by the end of the year. And, she never even thought she was seeing things 'differently' before the glasses. Considering Mary's biggest issues are confusing very similar looking words (is, it, what, want, with, cat, cut, etc.) I think that this might be just the key we have been looking for.

Letting the girls play today to celebrate Mary being home. Tomorrow back to school.



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Christina in GA said...

The glasses do make a difference. My 13yo started wearing reading glasses a year ago and he reads much more now and reads better than he did before.

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