Friday, July 06, 2007

The heat is frying my brain

I am miserable and having a raging headache. And, the AC still isn't working. The guy came back out today and replaced the part and it worked. We went out and ran errands and it wasn't working when we came home. I called DH and he said the check the breaker box, which is UNDER the house. I crawled under there and it had flipped. Reset and the AC hummed back to life. It ran for two more hours and then stopped. I reset again - a real PIA since I have to wiggle under ductwork and the whole under the house and what could be living down there always gives me the willies. An hour later it flipped off again. I called DH, and he had me call the guy back - who of course cannot come back until tomorrow morning and informed me that it could be the compressor - Waaaaa!

I called my dad, who has his Electrical Contractor license and he called his friend who has an HVAC business. between the two of them they figure it isn't the compressor since it does run - Yeah! But we probably have a bad breaker or bad connection in the breaker box. At least it will be cooler for my husband to work under the house.

Anyway it is HOT and I am tired of crawling under the house.

Otherwise I have to say that this week has been really good. I was totally expecting full revolution over school starting but it isn't happening. We have accomplished everything and more. Mary did not want to stop working in the little creative writing workbook I had picked up for her today - let's do another page and so on. We did Latin translations in the car while running errands today. And, when we got home I told her she could go play with her friends for the afternoon and she said that she would rather hang out here for awhile. She did eventually leave when invited to swim at a friend's house - I don't blame her. Tonight she is at a sleepover- I wish I could be there too, they have AC.

I am seeing an attitude/reaction change in Mary, that would be congruent with the research I saw on Omega3, but I feel like it is too soon to ascribe it to that since we only started on Monday. But, really there is a difference and one that SHE is even noticing.

I feel very positive about it all. Good things!




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Melora said...

You crawled under your house to fix the a/c? Wow! You are So Much braver than I am. I hope they get your a/c going soon.

T. showed an immediate (though temporary) improvement right away when we started the Ginko. Placebo effect, I guess, but I'll take improvement any way I can get it. The Omega3 sounds like good stuff, though.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.