Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Little Successes

Not much recently to blog about. We spent the weekend trying to fend off this bug that invaded our house. I also spent whatever energy I had on cleaning the house for MB's Valentine Party we had Sunday afternoon. This was a make-up party for her birthday in December, when I was on bedrest and expecting to deliver any day with little EM.

The party was a success. We had 5 friends over, all girls. They played with her 'make-up' and painted fingernails. Then played outside as we were blessed with a beautiful day. I am so glad this went well, because I am definitely not a party planning person. I am more of the "just come by and we will hang out" person. So these kids parties terrify me. I keep expecting complete chaos to take over - especially after the cake an ice cream.

Yesterday we just spent recouping and trying to catch up with things around the house. I am still sorting out all the insurance stuff from little EM's birth, so I have been making those phone calls when I can.

I am working on our new schedule, sort of. Working out some of the problems in it. But scheduling time to be with each girl individually, then working all the other household stuff around it seems to be working. The girls seem to be happier in general, although they do have to complain about the structure :). MB is helping me with more of the chores and I have been 'teaching' her how to do laundry. I am surprised at the results of letting her help me. Just by having her help me with the chores around the house we are not arguing as much anymore and she is more content to be alone when I am busy with one of the other girls. She is also picking up her toys without me having to ask anymore. The whining in general is dropping.

So, the past few days have been filled with a lot of little successes. Here is hoping it keeps up!



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Jess said...

It's always great when they impress the skeptical ones isn't it? ;-)

I'm glad all your kids are doing so well!


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