Thursday, February 03, 2005

Playing Hooky

We played hooky and had a pajama day today. The weather was horrible, I was exhausted and my bible study had been canceled. And I just decided that I was not up to the stress of rushing the girls out into the rain just to take MB to preschool. I decided that there was nothing that we had to absolutely have, therefore -- Pajama Day. We basically did what we wanted and it has actually been a wonderful, productive day! I let MB take the lead most of the day.

We started out with a craft project - making heart shaped "stain glass" using construction paper, tissue paper and clear contact paper. I have to do a craft with 8 4/5 yr olds next week and this will be great - no glue, no paint! They turned out very well and I will will post a picture later.

Then we 'played' school. MB got to be the teacher first. So we drew pyramids and mummies and read about Egyptian women wearing make-up and wigs. We watched a show on PBS recently on Egypt and it has peaked her interest. After that I got to be the teacher and we went over her current sight words. School over for the day.

MB then started writing her numbers. Recently I have been working with her on continuous-stroke writing an the difference in her interest and results have been impressive. For fun she will write her numbers and letters that we have worked on.

After that I caught her looking through one of our science/experiment books. I quickly made myself scarce. She found me sitting at the computer looking at some of the new stuff at Which led to her sitting at the computer doing phonics work for the better part of an hour while I played with Kate.

Then she helped me make lunch. During lunch we listen to a CD on the instruments of the orchestra and talked about which ones we liked best. After lunch we read until quiet time, during which she actually took a nap.

This afternoon she has played with magnets and shown me all the things that can be done with two magnets.

For me I haven't been quite as productive, but I sure have had fun. My house is trashed with various toys and books we have dragged out from the girls' bedroom. I managed to get one load of laundry washed and dried, but not folded. The dishwasher has been run and emptied. That is it.

I did manage to look through the Carolina Biological Supply Company catalogue that my mom sent us. I had to keep wiping the drool off the corner of my mind and repeating "she is only five, she is only five. " Carolina Biological Supply is a supply company for science classroom materials and carry just about anything you could imagine from test tubes to dissection animals to computer programs and videos. But most of the supplies are really for middle school science and up. Although they did have some neat terranium and worm farm kits. But I believe that we could do those ourselves.

My husband is late coming home because he is playing in a community basketball league for his company's team. So it is almost 8 pm and I have only just put the potatoes on to boil for shepherds pie. The girls have been feed and changed into clean PJs. They are watching The Fox and the Hound while I write this.

I should probably go and finish dinner and be available for MB if she starts having questions about the movie - it is the first time she is watching it and if I remember correctly they are some difficult sections.



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