Friday, February 18, 2005

Morning Visitors

This morning we had the greatest experience. We live in a suburban area, near a very busy highway. There are still some wooded areas around, but very few. I was surprised when I looked out into our backyard and saw just beyond our fence line a family of deer. They were grazing on the new growth in the trees. MB had a great time watching them for almost 45 minutes until they disappeared in the wooded area across the street. I tried to take a picture of them, but they are camouflaged in the trees. It is posted above. The male had a very nice rack of antler and the baby had beautiful markings. This was a a wonderful experience as unfortunately the only time we actually see deer they are sad to say roadkill.

EM had her two month appointment and she is doing great. She is already over 11 pounds which is the largest at this time for any of my girls. She had a heart murmur at birth, but the doctor said that he thought that it had disappeared as he could not pick it up this time. He will check for it again on her next visit. He did say that even if it does show up again it is probably not a big deal. My own mother has a murmur and has never had any trouble with hers.

While I was at the doctor with EM, my MIL came to stay with the big girls. They got to hear all about the trip to the Galapagos Islands that my in-laws just returned from. MB talked her into watching the Galapagos video I had rented from Blockbuster. My MIL was very impressed by all that MB had learned about the islands and the animals while she was gone. This is great to hear since she is probably one of the biggest ones in the family against HS.

Good Day!!



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