Friday, February 25, 2005

A lot on my mind

I have not blogged in several days. My mother was visiting the first part of the week and we stayed busy. The last couple of days I have had a lot on my mind, some of which I will go into - mainly just to get it on paper (so to speak).

While mom was here we managed to make it to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Sciences, which is always a big hit with MB. This visit was the best yet. We were not overrun with school kids on a field trip, who are generally not being supervised and are very intimidating to younger kids. It was small family groups with children about the same age as mine. MB and K were able to play with the hands-on displays and just had a blast. Unfortunately both my mom and I forgot our cameras.

I did our taxes this week and was excite to realize that our savings should be somewhat replenished when we get our money back that the government has borrowed over the last year. I found one interesting fact out when I did taxes this year: When as a family you drop to one income, lose the other job, get one that pays less and then have a new baby, the government almost pays you money :).

I had a long blog in my mind all about the struggle I have been going through the last week, but I want bore anyone with all of that.Generally, I have been tossing back and forth work, money options. Trying to figure out a way to make our budget figure out right. Trying to find some peace about where I am in my life. I have forgotten about gratitude for what we do have. We are blessed and I just need to stop trying to always solve the problems that I perceive. Every month it works out and that is what I need to remember. But for some reason when I sit down to pay the bills or go on-line to check our balances I freak out. I am totally happy with the decisions we have made, I just doubt myself constantly when it comes to money. Money and security have always been a huge issue for me, and of all things it is the hardest for me to place in the hands of the Lord. So I have decided to try and keep myself on the right track, that in my daily journal I am going to try to write five things I am grateful for everyday.

That is mainly it. I will try to update some homeschooling activities later, we have not done many this week.



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