Monday, February 21, 2005

Perpetual Student

I have always said that if I had all the money I could want I would become a professional student. I love to learn, I always have. Maybe the reason I would like to homeschool my children, I would have rather had been homeschooled. I went to school because I had to, I made good grades because I liked getting good grades. But school academically was extremely easy, it was the social, pick on the one who is different aspect that was miserable for me. I was lucky in that I had a mother somewhat like me in that she loves to read and learn and she is introverted. She was also either a teacher or school librarian as I was growing up. I can remember absorbing the encyclopedia set we had in the house, and I believe that I single-handedly supported the local used bookstore because they went out of business a couple years after I went to college. In college my "fun" courses were Shakespeare, Anthropology and 20th century history with a focus on the influence of Asia.

So since I cannot afford to go back to school just to study for fun, and my dh has asked that we try MB in public school next year, I have decided that I will homeschool myself. I picked up a copy of The Well-Trained Mind and plan to begin working through it as soon as I get the bible study written that I am working on. I have already done a quick review of the first few chapters and I think that it is just what I want to get started. I would also like to add a Latin study in, as my mother had to take it when she was in school but I did not and I have always envied her ability to breakdown words and understand them better.

With MB an K, we have begun snuggle reading The Silver Chair from the Narnia series. MB has decided that there are not enough illustrations in the book so she is going to illustrate it for me. This is wonderful, it is such a great way for me to see how much she understands and how she feels about what is going on in the book. She writes, she loves to write the words that she does know, but she does not read proficiently yet, so drawing is a great way to feel out comprehension. Numeracy is coming along, we are working on skip counting by 2's. Science has been covered recently in watching some videos about the Galapagos Islands where her grandparents were earlier this month.

K has been experiencing the joys of behavior modification recently. I will not go into any long details here as I don't really want to relive any of it. I know that it will all be worth it on the other end, but it is tough going through.

My mom is visiting us this week. It should be fun. We will probably head out to some museums.

I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Psalm 27:13


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