Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Winter Blahs

I haven't posted in quite a few days. We are experiencing the mid-winter blahs around here. There really hasn't been a lot to sit down and write about. We just don't have alot of interesting things going on around here and we are all kind of suffering from the blues. MB has been dragging her feet about wanting to go to preschool and I haven't been fighting it too much because I have not had alot of interest in getting out with the weather being what it has been. Plus I have a lot of fun when she is home.

The two big girls are getting over a cold which knocked them down for about a day, since then they have been bouncing off the walls. So far with lots and lots of handwashing I have managed to avoid them passing it on to little EM and myself.

On Sunday I finally got my hand-me-down furniture from my mom. We have been trying to get my mom's old sleeper sofa and a dresser from my old bedroom set up here for a year. I am excited because we can finally set our den/office up as also our guest room for when my mom comes to visit. This is much needed as we lost the room mom would sleep in when we had little EM. The dresser is also so great because our bedroom has had that college student appeal for the last seven years with mismatched small dressers, and now we have one nice one. We were also able to move the smaller dressers into the big girls' room so they each have their own. For some reason rearranging my house always makes me happy.

Yesterday we finally signed up for Blockbuster Home Delivery. I have been wanting to try out these movie services, and with Blockbuster's new deal I finally figured we would watch enough movies to make it worthwhile. I am hoping to use it to watch animal and history documentaries with the girls - they enjoy those so much.

We also celebrated Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday yesterday by baking a cake. We finishe up The Little House in The Big Woods and have started on The Little House on The Prairie. As I thought she likes The Prairie better and is really starting to enjoy the stories.

One last thing, I would like to give thanks to Sarah at Poppins Classical Academy. She mentioned Study Dog. MB loves it. She has sat and worked on it for hours and it has really helped her. It has also helped to spark a new interest in reading.

Enough rambling. Maybe I will have more interesting news soon.



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