Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Backyard Treasures

We have had a lot of fun today with the bug nets and such in our own backyard. So much so that we blew off phonics and math today. Unfortunately for MB we have had so many cool days recently that the bug selection is not what it will be, so she really had to hunt for the bugs she found. We did manage to snag a moth today

We are saving it to show to daddy tonight then we will release it to continue eating all the other little bugs.

The other exciting find was our first snake skin of the season (Yes, we share our yard with snakes during the summer).

I am not sure exactly what kind it is, but based on the head shape I am afraid that it may be an immature copperhead. The other kind it may be is a black rat snake. DH will have to identify it when he gets home. I am okay with snakes in the yard and they really are interesting creatures to study. I am just not much on actually touching snakes.

MB, K and a neighbor spent hours today exploring our yard. MB looked for everything from insects to wildflowers. She even traveled around the yard studying the new wildflower identification book. Her grandfather, a huge wildflower buff would be so proud :).

Days like this I really understand the whole relaxed homeschooling approach. Why does it matter that MB cannot functionally read yet. She is learning and loving so many science and math topics.

We also had a lot of fun thinking of various uses for this stick:

I have been worried lately about the fact that since MB started preschool this year a lot of her creativity has been replaced with the things that her peers like (i.e. superheros). She used to come up with the most creative, descriptive stories and pictures. In the last few months her pictures and artwork have regressed to scribbles and brief descriptions of superheroes. So I have been focusing on her creativity. She found this stick in our yard and I saw her out waving it around in the air. So we had an impromptu "How many things can it be" game. This stick has many lives including a magic wand, a sword, an ant bridge, a walking stick and even a seat belt on a roller coaster.

Tonight we have to head over to a local fast food place for a fundraiser for the MB's preschool. I generally avoid these things but DH is working late tonight so I agreed to meet a friend there.

Peace to all,


Update on snakeskin: DH says it is a garter snake based on the black markings on the skin. Also he saw a garter snake in the same area of our yard that was about that size this weekend.

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