Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday, already

Another beautiful weekend flew away. I was shocked from my sleep this morning to my dh's alarm. "Monday, already!"

This weekend was filled with more house stuff, lots of play outside and dh starting his weekend work, which will last thru the summer.

Our house, being what it is (a late '60s ranch) is not really worthy of much monetary investment. But to me it is our HOME and not just any house. Unfortunately before we can get to the fun redecorating that needs to be done we have had to deal with some fundamental, foundation issues. The good news on that ended up being that we just need the chimney stabilized instead of the entire foundation being reworked. The fear of the 20K-30K foundation work was leading dh to begin figuring how much we would lose by selling the house an returning to apartment living. Once the chimney is stabilized we should get rid of the water drainage issue into our crawlspace.

The floorbracing issue we were worried about was also good news in that if dh wants to tackle it, it is something he can do (he has done it before). Otherwise the cost was not prohibitive.

YEAH - Our home is not going to fall down around our ears.

While all that was being worked out we almost finished our brick patio off the front porch. We have one more row of pavers to lay. We would have finished it Saturday night, but when dh went back to the home improvement store they were out of paver sand!! I guess we were not the only ones in the area to get this idea.

What he did pick up at the store were some baby pepper plants and seeds for the garden. I really had not given much thought to doing the garden this year. Since we had been going back and forth about the house and with Little EM, I didn't know if I wanted to tackle one this year. But, I guess we are. On Sunday I raked the debris away and turned over the soil. I need to pick up another 3 bags of soil and some fertilizer. It just feels so late getting the garden started this year.

In the Spring, Summer and early Fall dh is able to pick up some extra work on weekends. It started this weekend. He doesn't know how much longer he will continue to do this, but this year with all the home improvements he figures that we need it to pay for those. The first few weekends are always a shock to our family's system. MB and K wonder why their daddy isn't home on the weekends, and myself I look forward to an extra adult around here a couple of days a week. Our whole schedule ends up shifting this time of year.

A neighbor passed down a tricycle to K this weekend. We spent some time with K trying to teach her how to pedal. It was very sweet watching MB try to show K and talk her into pedaling. MB is a little mommy and really gets a kick out of caring for and teaching her little sisters. K did not really get it this weekend, but it will come.

Today is the last nice day we are to have all week. I figure we will knock out our schoolwork today and go to the park. I need to run some errands too.

Peace to all


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