Monday, April 04, 2005

Ahhh Warmth

We are back from our weekend away. It was a wonderful trip and great to get away for a long weekend.

We went up to the northern North Carolina mountains where my in-laws have a summer home and stayed with them so that we could attend my bil's birthday celebration. I packed for the forecasted weather of mid '50's. I should know better. On the way up the mountains we were greeted with cloud formations like this...

which I thought were odd enough that pictures needed to be taken.

By the time we reached their house which is at about 3500' we were in the clouds and the temperature had dropped 20 degrees. That night we stayed in the clouds, which became so thick that one time I stepped out and became so disoriented that i began to feel the affects of vertigo. I could not see three feet in front of me.

The next morning it began to snow.

Let me pause here and let you know that I had packed for the girls and I long sleeve shirts, jeans, a zip-up sweater and a raincoat. No heavy, expecting to go play in the snow type of clothes.

When it began to snow, the wind began to blow at about 50-60 mph. Thankfully the snow did not begin to stick until late in the afternoon, mainly because the snow was flying sideways instead of coming straight down. But it was brutal outside.

Saturday night we had to go down the mountain to the town nearby for the party. Which was so wonderful that I cannot do it credit here. My BIL is the director for our church camp. He and my SIL have always been very involved in church, music and theater. (A little history: When my BIL and SIL both turned 40 they and their friends began holding big celebrations for that birthday and would pass on the "Cane of Aging" which would be signed and held on to until the next one in the group turned 40. Now that group is basically turning 50 - so what would they do this time).

The held a "Reaffirmation of Aging" Celebration, which was a parody on the Moravian church service "Reaffirmation of Faith." We had hymns, which were played by the church brass band and had the words rewritten to reflect the night. Then a rewritten liturgy was performed and even the minister of our local church, (also one fo the group of friends) stood and offered a 'sermon.' Then the "Reaffirmation of Aging" was held. The night was hilarious and I really cannot do it justice in words. But there is nothing like having a birthday party overtaken by a bunch of creative, artistic and musically inclined people.

After the party we had to go back up the mountain to get 'home.' While we had been enjoying ourselves, the snaow had been piling in ernest. We managed to get up the steep drive to the house (barely) in our mini-van, although I am not sure about our transmission now. Then we watched my FIL and MIL struggle up in their 4-wheel drive Jeep. They almost did not make it and dh and I were getting ready to head out with the snow shovels to clear the drive so that they could get traction, when with a roar they managed to pull in.

The next morning we woke up to beautiful skies an howling winds (even stronger than the night before).

Since this was the most snow my girls had seen all winter I did let them go out to play in it without the appropriate attire. Every few minutes one of them would run back in turning blue and shaking, she would warm up and run back out. This continued for several hours.

The weekend was relaxing and with grandmommy around I did get to relax some and just do some reading, but let me tell you that I was glad to get off that mountain an come back to where Spring is in bloom. Today we are expecting temps in the mid-70's and I plan on enjoying it (between loads of laundry, errand running, phone calls to make and school). Ahh vacation - it is so relaxing :)



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