Friday, April 22, 2005

No Catchy Title

The hardest part of writing a post is trying to come up with some sort of catchy title.

The visit to urgent care last weekend for MB's head has resulted in three of us (myself, K and little EM) coming down with a nice spring cold. I gave up last night around 8:30 and crashed.

Schooling has been wonderful these last couple of days.

Wednesday, MB took a piece of candy outside to watch if the ants would find it. This was after reading "Ants Attack" a grade 1 science reader. This was really cool as it was totally child-led and implemented. Of course I was thinking that no one would ever believe that this was actually school.

Thursday we continued discussing parallel and perpendicular lines. MB really gets into the geometry aspect of math. The Kindergarten RightStart Math is really too easy for MB, especially here in the beginning. So I am mainly doing a review and then moving right into the geometry material they have in each lesson.

We also just spent some time outside just making up various games with a ball. I would make-up a game, then MB would make one up, then K and so on.

Today we breezed through the phonics lesson. Every lesson MB seems to retain more and more of the skills. Today she was able to read the entire story with no mistakes or coaching from me.

To continue with our butterfly unit we made a model of the butterfly lifecycle. This was wonderful for me today because the project took up a lot of time that I did not have to be "in action." We made the salt/flour clay dough, then she sculpted the various pieces. Then they had to bake. After that the MB and K spent a good hour plus painting their dough creations.

Here is a picture of the butterfly lifecycle. It turned out well.

We have also spent some time today playing Sight Word Bingo. MB, for the first time, wanted to actually draw and read the cards. Big step for us, voluntarily reading something that doesn't have pictures!!

Little EM, although a little snotty, has also been part of the action for us today. She is constantly trying to roll over. She gets up on her side and is content to stay there playing in that position.
I can just see her infanthood flying away!

The day has gone quickly. I must get some housework done and the girls are begging to go outside.



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