Monday, April 18, 2005

Beautiful Baptism

The Baptism for little EM was beautiful on Sunday. The pastor did a wonderful job acknowledging what happened and then moving on into the Sunday worship time. We had a packed house, and I really felt the love from my church family for our little EM. The family said that it was nice and I am doing my best to believe them and believe that they too enjoyed the service.

Little EM will be 4 months old tomorrow. It is hard to even imagine what our family was before she was born. She is a total gift to everyone. I admit that it also helps that of my three she is really an easy infant. She sleeps 10-11 hours straight every night. She doesn't really cry, but more fusses in order to have her wishes known. Her two favorite things are to play with MB and to 'talk' to whomever will sit and hold her and carry on a conversation. She is working on sitting up by herself and rolling over.

Here is the picture of little EM we took following the baptism.

Here is an okay shot of the family. For some reason I can never get good shots of all of us.

Of course the finale of this past week would not be complete without some crisis. While playing at grandmommy and granddaddy's house MB fell out of the tailgate of their jeep onto the driveway. She has a nasty bump on her head. We did take her to be checked out and she is fine, lucky actually. If she had to hit her head like this it was the best place.

We finished the week at a cookout for the bible study I attend. That was NICE. To actually relax and hangout. I have to say that I am glad last week is over. I know that it is making me a stronger person. But ready for a little downtime now.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming

After letting the girls sleep in a little this morning we are back to running a regular schedule. We planted the garden this morning. We will have to see how it grows. My husband selected for this years crop: Bell Peppers, Seedless Watermelons, Cucumbers, Oregano, Basil, Broccoli, and Carrots.

We have watched a children's video on the Solar System and a 'Potty Time' video for K. The big girls are outside pretending to fix their bicycles.

When K goes down for her nap we will knock out phonics and math. Then hopefully curl up for some fun reading. The weather outside is so nice it is tempting, but I think that we all need a rest time today!



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