Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the Uphill

Things are improving for me. I have prayed and talked to my bible study mentors about my struggle. I have also had a conversation with the other person involved and feel guardedly hopeful. The other person is willing to make some changes and try harder. But there are some fundamental issues involved that I am worried may take a while, if ever to change. I am going to put my hope in Jesus for a change of heart in this. Thank you all for being in this cyberspace.

On the homeschool front, things have been clicking along. With the warm weather, we have been experiencing a lot of hands-on, impromptu learning which is always fun. Since the only things I am focused on this Spring are Phonics, Reading and Math practice, it is fairly easy to get those knocked out and just have fun.

With K I have been focusing on trying to spend more time one-on-one with her. I have been trying to distinguish her motivations for behavior and learning. Trying to discover what kind of makes her tick. Now that she is 2 1/2, her personality is developing and there has to be something that will tell me the best approach. To be honest this is much harder than it was with MB. So far I have not found that magic thing. She always was one that I had a hard time distracting when she was little, and now I found I have a hard time motivating her. Otherwise we are just playing and trying to pick up the 'basics.' Things like appropriate behavior in different situations and the ABC's and counting to 10.

Little EM is going on 4 months an is 'huge' for one of my children. Everyday she is getting stronger. Her head is very stable for her age and she is constantly trying to pull herself into a sitting position when we hold her, even if she can't hold it for very long. I think that she is a lot like MB in personality. She craves eye contact and conversation. She is also extremely active in play and really tries to get her arms and legs under her during 'tummy time.' MB walked at 8 months and was a lot like this at 3-4 months.

That is what is happening right now.

Peace to all,


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