Friday, April 29, 2005

mmm... Those Were Good...

Well the only discovery that I can admit we made today was that three females can eat an entire pan of brownies on one day, even if two of them are under four feet.

The weather kind of dictated our day today. It was a perfect February/March day, the only problem - it is almost May. So we made brownies, put up the girls' inside tent and curled up for a day watching Disney flicks. The only chore I did was turn on the full dishwasher. I have not even emptied it yet.

MB did write a note to her grandmother which we stuck in the mail. That was it.

Once the weather warmed up some we headed outside to try to burn off the chocolate. We met the neighborhood kids down the street and I watched a daring game of bicycle tag take place.

We came back home to see daddy before he headed out to clean one of the pools he takes care of in the summer. Boy was he disappointed when he saw the empty pan with crumbs, "Not even one?" We will make some more for him tomorrow.

Off to stick pork chops in the oven for DH and I.

Enjoy your evening.


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