Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cute Pics and other stuff

I took these pictures about a week ago and found them very endearing in a mother sort of way. We were out flying a kite and MB had come back out wearing this outfit. Two thoughts went through my mind; first was that she would make a wonderful Pippi Longstocking, and the second was that boy she is looking so grown-up. Of course, K had to have pink ribbons in her hair also.

Of course, K had to have pink ribbons in her hair also.

On other news at this moment our chimney is being stabilized and we are on the road to getting our house painted. It only took two years for it to happen :)

DH finished laying the brick patio last night and now we are waiting for some rain to help with the settling and to see where it may need to be tweaked.

Schooling yesterday was wonderful. It felt like one of those days when all of us were really on! Our math lesson took on a life of its own and we spent most of the rest of the day looking for triangles and quadralaterals. MB also sat with me while I was looking through some stuff on the net and asked for some extra work for me to print. She loves butterflies, so she has picked out a couple of projects to do on butterflies this spring and summer. I just wish that I had a sunny spot in our yard to plant thos flowers that attract butterflies. We will just have to live with examining butterflies that we see in walks around the neighborhood.

The only challenge I am having right now with K. Trying to find time to devote only to her. I don't want her to feel so much like a middle child, but it is difficult with the needs of little EM being somewhat immediate and then MB is the perfect example of an extroverted oldest child and is constantly "in your face" be with me personality. K, is to a great extent very happy to go off and play by herself, but there are times I can tell that she just wants Mommy. When I do make the time and try to go spend time with her, she tends to push me away or wander off after only a few moments.

I wonder sometimes if I am doing the right thing just to let her go be by herself, but I know that I enjoy my alone time also. So I am really challenged in finding things that motivate K, interest her and also spending some individual time with her.

All-in-all things are good right now.



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