Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dropped Posts and a Surreal Week

I know that it seems as I have neglected this blog. I tried on Wednesday to post two posts that were dropped, one by Blogger and one by my own inattention. Before I could get back to try again my life took on a surreal quality for the rest of the week.

Wednesday MB stayed home from preschool. The weather was cold and damp and we just all took a nice vacation from the manic outside play and home improvements. We did some school. I actually took all three children together to the library for me, a first in little EMs life. The girls were good an we found some great books which we promptly brought home and curled up on the sofa together with for a marathon read.

Unfortunately, that afternoon I received a call from our church that our beloved pastor and a friend of ours was being removed from our church. That night there was a church board meeting with the provinicial council at our church. The reasons were administrative in nature and really had nothing whatsoever to do with our functioning as a church. But we are a new church and a growing church and the removal of our pastor at this time would truly be detrimental and may possibly even mark the end of our church. To make a long, emotional story short we have managed to convince the council to reconsider their decision an hopefully we will have an answer next week.

What it has done is lit a fire under the membership of our church. We are now aware of things that we need to do better in communication and relationship building with other churches of our province. We also cannot be so self-centered any more on our particular church. Like I said we are a new church and have been concentrating on growing new members, building a building and outreach to our immediate community. We we have been lax is in outreach to other Moravian Churches and attending functions at those other churches. I don't think it has necessarily been wrong to concentrate on our church's immediate growth needs, but we forgot an important element of community within the greater Moravian church family.

I spent the entire day on Thursday at the church helping with various projects that needed to be done and also helping with all the children of all the other families that had come to lend a hand. Besides MB attending preschool we did no school on Thursday. I personally was to emotionally spent and so stressed that I could not sit still and concentrate on anything.

An additional facet to this whole thing is the little EM was scheduled for baptism this Sunday. We had scheduled it three months ago which took a lot of juggling then to get the important attendees (the godparents) to the event. The godparents are directors of the church camp and their weekends are most often extremely full of activities and often cannot get away. Just changing weeks is not a reasonable option for us. After much prayer and discussion we decided to go ahead with the baptism. My dh and I decided that we would not let our life become hostage to this decision or indecision.

Friday morning I thought everything was finally calming down. The uproar was down to a quiet murmuring and I had actually gotten sleep the night before. We began math to make up for the day we lost when I received a phone call from my FIL asking that we postpone the baptism. That it wasn't an appropriate time to hold a baptism.

I lost it. I had not cried all week. I had been angry and frustrated but had not cried. When he said that he and my MIL, and basically all of my dh's family would not be comfortable going ahead - I lost it. I hung up with him and cried. Everytime I looked at little EM I cried. I cried and I waited for dh to return my phone call.

Thankfully my husband was the one who was strong and adament about the baptism continuing. He was the one to stand up to his parents and tell them that we are going to have the baptism and we would like for them to be there, but if they couldn't we understood. At that moment I felt such love for my husband.

So we are going to have a very joyful baptism on Sunday! And it can't get here soon enough!

So that is where I have been this last week.



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