Sunday, April 24, 2005

A new world view and attention craving

Ahh, the world from a 2 1/2 yr olds point of view. Imagine the scene, a 3-foot tall girl climbing to the top of her slide and standing with arms stretched up, "I tall. I touch the sky."

Unfortunately that is about the best I can do today. Our household, which I must admit managed to make it through the winter sick season with no doctors visits has been laid low by this spring cold. DH, myself and little EM are admitting our illness and as such are trying to take it easy. Unfortunately, MB and K see being sick as an inconvience and as such do not slow down, but just become cranky. Hyper and cranky.

I am actually doing much better and I believe that K and EM are also on the uphill. DH and MB just started the symptoms yesterday, so they will probably be out of sorts for 3-4 more days.

MB and I took ourselves to church this morning. I wanted to go by myself and leave all the sick ones here with hubby, but MB "really" wanted to go to children's church. So we went and MB ended up in my lap for the entire service as she was suddenly too tired for children's church. It was probably for the best as we were sitting where we would have limited contact with others.

I think she probably wanted the one-on-one with mommy more than anything. This, is really hard for me to understand as she probably gets more one-on-one with me than anyone else in the family, including dh. But she constantly craves more. The other two are generally fine either way, but not MB. MB is not clingy, I have never had a problem with her not wanting to leave my side to play with other kids. But when she wants time with just me, she will do just about anything to make it happen. She is so pushy about it that I really feel a need to start putting some limits on it. I have to be able to spend time with the others without her butting in, or creating a disturbance. To be honest, I feel like I have spent a lot of her life telling her to entertain herself, trying to create activities for her to do on her own and so on, because otherwise she would be in my face constantly.

Please don't get me wrong. I love my daughter, and I love to spend time with her. In fact we spend time together in the morning fixing breakfast, we spend time together doing phonics practice and math. She gets one-on-one attention during nap time for the others. Then we always spend some time together before she goes to bed talking. But, if I try to focus on either of the other two for any length of time, she is right there. She will not entertain herself!

This is actually one of my hubby's concerns for Homeschooling. He is afraid that I will not be able to give the younger two the attention that they need also. And I have to say recently, that it is a thought that is nagging at me. What is the best way to lovingly tell your child to go find something to do for a little while? And no you may not watch TV (slackjawed on the sofa) or ride your bicycle in the street by yourself (these seem to be the two things she will ask to do, no matter how many times I say no).

Man, I really went way off into left field. I did not realize that this was bothering me to this extent. I probably screwed up somewhere early on, but I really need to find some way to deal with this personality quirk.

I am looking forward to this next week. Nothing exciting happening, but maybe that is why I am looking so forward to it.

Peace to all,


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