Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nothing Much

I just wanted jump in and say hey! So HEY! We have been busy around here, but with nothing very exciting. Discussing house renovations, trying to decide between what needs to be done and what we want to do. This has been an ongoing process for about, oh 7 years now, ever since we moved in. We are also trying to decide what our goal is with this. Are we going to move closer to dh's work, will we be putting the house on the market sometime in the next year? So on. I have spent much, much time on the phone with handymen and contractors setting up appointments. Joy, Joy!

Yesterday I finally got fed up with waiting to get some things done and started on the renovations. I took down the awkward railing on our front porch which the previous owner had installed. I also started laying out brick for our patio that will go off the front porch..


I know that it looks a little uggh right now, but we are going to lay a brick patio between the front porch and the tree.

Took K to the dentist today to look at a tooth that has been worrying me. The tooth is okay and we will just keep an eye out on it. The important thing is that we have finally found a dentist office that I think that we can stand going too. The technician was actually able to get my 2 1/2 yr old to sit still and have an x-ray made, without restraints or sedation :) I forgot to ask if she would want to babysit on occasion.

I will not be online this weekend as we are taking a quick family trip to go celebrate my BIL's 50th birthday. Will back Monday, right now I need to go pack and deal with folding mt. laundry.



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