Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Getting Going

I am gearing up to get things going this spring for MB. Something that I will call School-Lite. I am going to try and use these months to test some methods before we really get going in September. I would start earlier, but we had already scheduled MB for several different out-of-town activities this summer in preparation for her actually going to school.

What we have been doing is reading, more reading, geography in relation to reading, arts and crafts, and math. Every now and then I would actually add in a fun science project, that of course related to something we were reading.

I went to Wal-Mart this morning and picked up some poster board and a dry erase board to better organize our days. I want to have on the poster board the activities that will not change over time, like 10 minutes reading practice, 15 minutes independent math activity, 30 minutes quiet independent reading (mommy break time). This will give her something she can put a sticker by each day that she completes the activity. On the dry erase board I want to list out the specific lessons or activities that I want to complete that week. When we get it done, MB can then mark it off.

I am hoping that this will make the transition easier for MB and help me out. I struggle in the middle of the week because she is in a preschool three mornings (TWTh) and it is a struggle to do much in the afternoon. We always do much more Friday-Monday, because I can get the day started with a focus. This will not be an issue next year, but it frustrates me right now.

It will also help to remind me when I get caught up with the other two or housework that I need to stop and focus on a project for MB.

Some of the projects that I am planning are:
Spring Weather (This will be an extended one because we are going to graph the daily Hi temps over a month to show how it gradually warms up in the spring. We are going to also study thunderstorms and wind)
Animal Life in the Spring
Plants and Flowers
Planning and Planting a Garden
The Easter Story
and The Legend of the Sanddollar.

I figure those studies will take us to June, and then she will be off to visiting various family members off and on through the summer.

I found a cool site with really cheap materials and activities, A to Z Teacher Stuff last night. I already have a few things on my wish list there.

Better go, got to get shoes back on the Toddler. (Bracing self for the scream)



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