Monday, March 28, 2005

Organizing and Celebrating

This weekend we celebrated Easter. It is to me the most special and holy of the churches holidays. It is the physical fulfillment of the promises that God has made to each of us. Holy Week is the week of emotions - expectation, anger, sadness and overwhelming joy. It is also a tough concept to pass on to the girls. Truthfully K is still too young and is somewhat oblivious to the story although she did sit with us all week through the reading. This is the second year for MB to really get into the story. Last year she listened to the stories and she remembered the main events. This year was the year for questions about the story; Why, who, etc. Every year I hope that she will continue to grow in the story, because it is not just a story of our Lord Jesus, but in many ways it is a story of all of us.

My only downer about Easter is the whole bunny/basket thing. I don't choose to do it for the girls. I believe that this holiday is too important to be corrupted by the stores and chocolate manufacturers. I do let them participate in Egg Hunts earlier in the week. Yet, MB is 5 and becoming aware of others and their customs, and I have also experienced the look of longing on her face. What made it even worse was that we attended my in-laws church for service on Sunday and at their children's message the very first question that was asked by the teacher was "Who got Easter Baskets this morning?" and the next was "What was in them?" I was awarded a 'Look' from MB. Then at lunch at my MIL started asking about it and telling me that it doesn't have to be chocolate, and so on.

It just so happens that I did buy them some new things this weekend, new spring clothes and even splurged on a copy of The Incredibles for the family. But I didn't put them in a basket and pretend that a bunny came to deliver it before daybreak. I will not even pretend that there is an Easter Bunny - MB asked this year, and I told her the truth.

I don't know why churches have allowed this to happen, an in many ways encourage the eroding of the Easter celebration. But I don't believe that we need to let children believe in an Easter Bunny for the first eight years because the real story is too graphic. It can be really amazing to learn what children can handle if given a chance and are taught it in a loving way.

Enough of my Rant on Easter...

This weekend I also began organizing. Starting with our extremely large number of books that were spread all over our house. If there was a flat surface there were books, books on the floor, books in the bathroom, books, books everywhere! I organized the books and re-purposed one of the bookshelves in our family room. It now contains the school books and resource materials along with music. The basket for the on-going reading books has been cleaned out and resorted. And the cabinets below have had the games and art supplies reorganized. I feel energized just by getting this done. I wish I had taken a before picture, but don't have any good ones that show the space (it is not something I have ever wanted highlighted). Here is the after shot, this could loosely be considered our 'schoolroom.'

Did anyone else happen to catch the beginning of the Little House on the Prarie miniseries on ABC Saturday night. It was excellent (IMHO), they managed to stay very true to the book. I probably would have overlooked it had I not read an article in our paper earlier in the week. It has restarted an interest in the books by MB. We are supposed to attend a party next Saturday night, but I believe that I will have to be home by 8:00 to put the girls to bed so that MB and I can watch the next hour of it.

The computer has sucked enough time from my day.

For as all die in Adam, so all will be made alive in Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:22


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