Thursday, March 17, 2005

Better....and Better

Today is our 'friday', or it could be our 'sunday'. Whichever way we want to look at it.

MB had fun at school today, they had their St. Patrick's Day party and an Easter egg hunt. Plus it was their last day for a week. I am so glad that there is only six weeks left.

MB sat down this afternoon and did her phonics lesson with NO complaints. Stunned Mommy. Then she helped me put together our new swing for little EM (Engineering class?) And she finishd it all off by asking for some more math sheets.

Tomorrow we are going to do some art and science projects, always favorites around here. And if the weather warms up, see post below, we may make it over to the local HS group park day.

And since I have sat down to type this we have received out first order of books -- Yeah!! And then MB brought the mail in and I have finally received our refund from the OB's office for my pregnancy with little EM. I am dancing while I am typing.

To top it all off I am looking forward to a women's get-together at church tonight and dh has offered to keep the big girls for me!!

I feel like I am sitting in the cat bird seat right now.

Peace to all...


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