Friday, March 18, 2005

"I Kind of like this"

That was what MB told me after our phonics lesson today. What a turn around from just three days ago when I felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall. Today it was easy. We sat down did the lesson and it was over. I know that she is somewhat bored by some of the repetitiveness of it, so I try to be aware and really on emphasize the repitition where I see mistakes being made, or if she starts to get a little lazy. She was surprised when we got through it so quickly, so I did make a point of praising her and letting her know that when she doesn't fuss through the lesson we do get done quicker. I do hope that she keeps this feeling for a little while longer.

We blew off some of the housework today and the homeschool park day to go have lunch with daddy. That was nice. The wonderful people he works with had really blessed us back when little EM was born and we had yet to find a Friday when someone wasn't sick or the weather wasn't horrible. So I took the girls to visit his office and let them meet EM. Then we went and had lunch. Even managed to catch part of the NCSU b-ball game.

By the time we got home it was after 2pm. The big girls wanted to play outside. Fine, after three days of bad weather I was kind of tired of being cooped up with them too.

The only thing besides the phonics lesson that we have really done today was making "Rainsticks," our art project for the end of our Spring Weather topic we have worked on. Tonight we will probably do some more reading and maybe watch a segment or two of the Insectia dvd.

Day good, DH home soon, no plan for dinner yet. So I better head on.



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