Monday, March 21, 2005

Movin' and Groovin'

We had a great and wonderful weekend here. Saturday morning, MB and K went with their aunt to an Easter Egg Hunt. I was able to go shopping for more art and school supplies, then I hit the library without children. That afternoon we had excitement when MB decided to remove her training wheels from her bike. She was a trooper with all the falls, but she finally made it about 20 feet and used her brakes to stop. Sunday and today we have had to go out and continue the lessons. It is so exciting to watch her take off on this new level of independence.

Sunday was wonderful. Church was great, I love Palm Sunday. Especially the music on this day. Both little EM and K fell asleep during the service, which made it a very peaceful service for dh and I. After church we came home to watch State's basketball game (NCAA tournament). State actually upset #2 UConn with a thrilling finish. GO PACK!! After that I cleaned the house while dh and the girls finished digging the ditch for the new driveway drain. Then my mom arrived for her visit.

Today, with the weather being so good we made an impromptu visit to the Zoo. Which was really enjoyed. I will have to post pictures later, but MB really wanted to see the Elephants on this visit. The elephants are generally so far from the viewing area that it is really hard to see them. Not today!! One was extremely close and we were able to stand there and watch for a long time. The girls got to watch it drink water from the water hole. I got some good pictures.

On the way home MB reminded me that we needed to do her phonics lesson. Suuurrre thing!!
But when we got home the Math kit had arrived!! So first we had to open that and examine all the neat peripherals.

We did the phonics lesson and I can really see it starting to come together for her. If nothing else she is not complaining and is starting to have a sense of accomplishment from it.

When we were done, she couldn't wait any longer for her 'math.' So I let her pull out the geo boards. She and K spent 20-30 minutes making shapes. It was great to watch MB show K had to make them. As much as they push and prod each other, this is when I can really see the caring come out.

Tonight I attend a meeting of the local WTM group. I am looking forward to it.

Have a great one!


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