Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Good Days

The past couple of days have been really good. The weather on Sunday was spectacular, and it being March meant only one thing, thunderstorms, rain and cold weather the next day. Yep!

Sunday after church I dragged the two big girls to go for a walk around the local lake, about a 2-mile walk on the path. DH stayed home with little EM to watch the ACC basketball final. Spring was in the air and it seemed that everybody was ready to be outside. I made two big mistakes though. Thinking that we were going to play at the playground an just walk down to the lake I did not throw the umbrella stroller into the van to take and I wore slide tennis shoes with no socks. The walk around the lake consisted of me hefting around my 30lb deadweight 2-yr-old for at least half of the walk. Not only is she solidly heavy, but she does not hang on to help me out, no she likes to lean away from me so that she can see all that is going on. When we got back to the playground I slipped off my shoes to take a look at my aching feet and my little toe was twice the size. Upon closer examination I realized that no, it wasn't swollen but I had a blister the size of my little toe.

On the good note we saw lots of ducks, some swans, a heron and turtles sunning themselves. We even stopped to listen to the bullfrogs. In a few more weeks we will go out their and see the babies like we did last year.

When we got home it was time for DH's outing. Tis the season to start swinging the clubs. He took MB with him, as she is good at locating golf balls in the woods :) I got to stay at home with two sleeping babies. I put my sore feet up and began reading Jane Eyre. What a Sunday.

Monday was good too, although the weather was ugh. We got up and knocked out reading practice first thing. Then spent some time on our seasons/weather theme we are doing. After that was free play and mommy chore time. After lunch we watched the first DVD in the Insectia series. It is a little over MB's head, but she generally does pick up something from documentaries. This DVD has four segments, the first one was Living Art. It was about insects as art. Very cool, especially some of the people in the rainforest taking beetles and other insects and stringing them as necklaces. And for those of you who may find that a little creepy, some actually wear live beetles as broaches. They take the beetles and attach rhinestones and other decorative elements to the backs, without hurting the beetle, attach it to a clasp and wear it as it crawls around. I will not be rushing out to buy this new piece of jewlery. MB thought it was cool.

After that was over, MB got into our weekly folder and pulled out all the math sheets I had planned for the entire week and completed them. Okay, back to the computer for me. I have ordered Rightstart Math and am hoping it will be here sometime this week. Maybe that will keep her busy :)

Today starts my dreaded 3-day week. Preschool every morning. I am trying a new routine for myself. After changing the girls' routines over the last month, I have decided that it was time I got back to morning bible and prayer time for me. So I have added an extra half-hour to my morning. I hope this will help me get going and stay focused on my purpose during the day.

Good times, Peaceful times.

Wishing the same to all of you.

But in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom he made the universe. Hebrews 1:2


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