Friday, March 11, 2005

The water glass according to Us

I will take a bite of Sarah's meme.

The water glass according to my family.

MB - It doesn't really matter if it is half-full or half-empty, but whatever I say everyone else better agree with me, because I am THE BOSS.

K - Ohhhh! Look! Water! Let me dump it so it will be empty. That will really drive MB nuts.

EM - Water. Glass. What are these things that these giants keep talking about, all I know about is the huge mammary gland, and it better be full.

DH - It is neither half-full, nor half-empty. Now will you stop worrying about it, honey!

Me - Half-full, but I am going to constantly check to make sure that it doesn't drop any lower.

That was fun! Thanks Sarah.


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