Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Update on "Torture"

Wanted to give a quick update regarding my vent below. The rest of the day went better, and a couple hours after the "lesson" MB came to me and wanted to read two Bob Books that she has recently been struggling with. I would say that she read them at about a 90% profeciency. She then took the next one saying that she wanted to practice with that one. So maybe it will all be worth it, knowing that I will probably go through the same tomorrow.

I realize that over the past month my dh and I have introduced s few new routines and rules. We have tried to introduce them slowly and individually, and until the past couple of days I had not seen any backlash to them. And I don't think I am seeing anything truly 'negative', I just think MB is trying to see what the new boundaries are and if the old boundaries are still in existence. I am hoping that in a few weeks I will not even be able to remember the past few days.

Got good news this evening. Our Rightstart materials should get here Friday. I so need some direction there, because I am having so much trouble keeping up with her in math. I spend so much time looking for materials and games for her math, and she flies through it so quickly, with excellent recall, that I am just running out of energy when it comes to that.

It is bedtime for me.



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