Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mommy Moments

Last night I composed in my head a wonderful post that I wanted to share. Do you think that I can remember any of it? Chalk up another one lost to mommy brain.

Oh, my we just had the freakiest storm move in on us. I was sitting at my computer and looked out and could see a wall of wind coming. The pine trees looked like they were about to take flight. I grabbed the girls an headed for the hallway. I am back now. But that brought to mind probably one of my biggest weather/nature fears. I am absolutely terrified of tornados. I have never been in one, and the closest I have ever come is watching waterspouts moving in from the ocean. I could never live in the midwest for this very fear. We have enough scares of them here in NC for me to stress out anytime we have thunderstorms in the spring. I can and have handleded dealing with hurricanes my whole life. They get my adrenaline pumping too, but at least I can do some preparing.

Okay, since I can't come up with what I had wanted to share yesterday I will just tell you that we had a beautiful day with temps in the '70s (thus the storms today). We played and we did some school. We just basically enjoyed each other.

I love that our school day never ends, because it sure is great when MB lets me know at 9:00 pm that she finally understands a concept that I have been trying to teach her for a few weeks. She is ready for bed, but her mind is not so absolutely worn down by trivial things that she can still think about math or nature. But to be there for that clicking moment when it finally all gets put together in her brain.

I am off to go find a website that will tell me how long the human tongue is. For some reason she has that stuck on her brain and wants to know, so I live to serve.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Just wanted to comment here- DH edited most of my original post for location factors, so I didn't want to continue it there.

Anyhow, yes, it was just LOVELY down there. He is not a city-mouse *at all*, and even he was enamoured with the area. We definitely do plan to go back and spend a three-day weekend down that way. I also really want to take the boys on the Treasure Hunt Cruise!! I know, totally frivolous expenditure, but for the looks on their faces when a pirate ship actually comes alongside, yeah- it's worth it! LOL!

I wish our end of the coast had the same idea about what seaside towns should be like. Ours are, well, not like that area. ;-) We talked about how we would much rather buy a condo there than a shack here, just b/c of the atmosphere of the town and the amenities available (I grew up in a tourist town and am a sucker for all the wonderful things they actually do have to offer!)

Aside from not being able to find food (which, truth be told, that was DH- I've lived in NC, and knew better than to head out w/o eating while we were in a "big town"! LOL!) it wasn't a bad trip at all. Like I said, a lot of the details were edited out by the security guy. *grin*


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