Saturday, March 12, 2005

Where do the days go...

There were times in my life when at the end of the day I felt that I had accomplished so much. My to do list would be marked through, and my day was over.

Now, even though my to do list is still marked through, I find myself wondering at the end of the day where my day had gone. If my to do list didn't have marks through it, I would not remember what I had done. Either my cleaning is totally undone by the daily activities or my activities are those that are invisible to the human eye, like teaching the girls.

Here it is 9:30 pm, and I feel like I have only been awake for two hours. The day has gone by in such a snap. My list is marked through and a new one started for tomorrow. Yet, I look aroun my house at all the little jobs that still need to be done....

Maybe tomorrow.

Today was beautiful. And I should have gotten out to enjoy it. I meant to. Instead I kicked the big girls and the husband out with orders to clean up the yard from our storms this week and to not come in until I told them they could. I was able to clean the floors. I mean really clean the floors, move furniture and get in all the crevices, instead of my quick mop up the spots or just hit what is visible.

It was nice to get that job done and to see my floors shine, until I went into the kitchen later and my shoes stuck to the floor. I begin to mumble to myself about children and messes, you know, when my husband said that he was the one that spilled sweet tea on the floor. {{{Steam rising from ears}}} Well at least he fessed up, he could have kept quiet and I would just have blamed the girls.


On a school note, since our main schooling days right now are Friday-Monday. We had a somewhat productive day, not as much as Friday since it is the weekend and Daddy is home. MB continually surprises me with her math ability and understanding. I spent over an hour on the net last night trying to come up with some new math ideas and sheets for her to use until we get a math program. This morning I was pulling together her folder for the day and I was trying to figure out which sheet to use and she looked over my shoulder and verbally completed all of the patterns on the worksheets. Poof!! Not to say I am not pleased that she picks up so well, but I keep ending up a step behind her in math. So today I ended up ordering RightStart math program. I was going to wait and begin an actual math program next fall, but I need something now to help me out.

We actually made it through her read aloud today with very little fussing. That is an accomplishment. The other thing we fcused on today was some writing practice. Otherwise I pushed her to stay outside as much as possible, since it was somewhat warm and sunny and our forcast for the rest of the week is not very good.

K is really concentrating on her verbal skills and is becoming so much more fluent and understandable. Potty training is still good days and bad days. Some of it is the learning process, but I know that a least a couple of times she has purposefully had accidents, kind of as a way to let me know that she does have control over some areas of her life. Unfortunately, she is not aware that her big sister used to use this very same tactic (If she wanted to change outfits and I wouldn't let her or once when she wanted out of her car seat) and it doesn't really get to me. "You want to pee in your pants, fine. You are the one who has to feel it."

Anyway, my day was good. Normal, always nice.



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