Friday, March 04, 2005

A Tentative Okay

We will be homeschooling next year, if I don't lose my nerve. My husband and I sat down and talked last night and I was surprised that he really did not put up much of an argument. He felt that since I had spent almost the last two years researching HS than I was the better one to make the decision. His only real concern was the intensity of MB, and "Wouldn't you like to get rid of her for a few hours?" No, but there are times I would like to hang her upside down by the ankles. And like he said, what will she really miss not being in school for the first year or two that we can't giver her here. And if it ends up being a miserable experience for any of us, she can go to school at anytime.

That being done, now I am nervous. I have a general idea of the curriculum for her for next year, but can I pull it off? Her reading is hit or miss right now, and it mainly depends on her mood for the day. I am guessing it will click sooner or later. She struggles with phonics. She doesn't like doing it and she does seem to have some disconnect with hearing and distinguishing the separate sounds within a word, a problem that I actually have. So I need to find a way to work with that. She loves to write and learns most of words through writing them so I need to use that tool for her. I am not worried about comprehension as we have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia and she comprehends easily and loves doing activities related to whatever book we are reading.

For the rest I would like to do TWTM for the literature/history/science rotation and for math she is on a 1st grade level already. So now I have to figure out programs or texts to supplement our kind of relaxed life-learning that we have been doing. She loves hands-on things and using her whole-boy to learn with. So I guess I will be doing research for the next few weeks. I would like to figure out how to start with a minimum output of money. I am hoping using our existing resources that maybe we can get started in the 200-300 range. Is this reasonable?

I need to purchase the History resources and a math program. Supplement math with a computer program. And a science book that will cover the human body when we get there. We have an awesome library a couple blocks away from our house which I am sure we will be using exhaustively. Are there other suggestions?

We are going to meet the local homeschoolers for park day this morning (brrr).



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