Sunday, March 13, 2005

Faith Cultures

Today as I was reading our local newspaper I came across this article. It discusses a study that was done on how teens from a variety of religious backgrounds "cope" with adolesence. Those from a LDS family cope better in all the major measurements.

I want to ask those out there who are LDS or knowledgable of LDS culture to tell me how. What do they do that the rest of us are missing. I am not looking for discussions on faith and what is right belief or wrong belief, but family culture.

How can I make sure that my children are able to grow and internalize a faith system that belongs to THEM? To me this is what is important, they have to carry the faith. It can't just be their parent's beliefs, then they don't own it.

I found it interesting and something to think about as I raise my children. I want to give them all the advantages I can for adolesence, because it sure scares me.

Let me know your thoughts.



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