Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Carolina Blue Skies

Even though I am the furthest thing from a Carolina fan, I can appreciate Carolina blue when it is in the sky. The weather has been grand these ast two days and we have been enjoying it. It is hard to settle down and get those things done that need to get done, like school and housework, when we have days like this. But I have to say we have been fairly successful combining the two. I am not striking 100% on my to do list, but we are hitting at least 90%.

We are managing to hit at minimum devotions, phonics, math and reading each day for MB. She has come to expect these and lets me know when we have not done it. I am really using this Spring to learn more about the best ways to work with MB on her schoolwork, so we have tried a variety of different things. I have noticed that for MB it is always best if we start with phonics while her mind is fresh, then math is a reward for her when we are done.

This morning I tried to do the phonics lesson first thing before we left for preschool. It did not turn out well, it was just too early for her mind to concentrate on it. So we will have to do phonics after lunch when she gets home T,W, an TH. Not ideal, but school should only be for another six weeks. Then we can go with the schedule that really seems to work on Monday and Friday.

Then we have breakfast and do devotions while we eat. Then we go over each of our daily to do lists that are on the white board. After we dress, MB helps me get the chores started for the day. I spend some time with K getting her started playing or doing an activity and putting little EM down for her morning nap. Then MB and I sit down and do a phonics lesson. We generally move straight from that to a math lesson because that is 'fun' to MB. Right now that takes us all of about 40 minutes. Then it is music or some other physical activity type game that we play with K. Then we have lunch during which I generally read a story. After lunch they have free play, hopefully outside, while I do a few more chores and spend some time with little EM. Then we have 'snuggle' reading and put K and EM down for their afternoon naps. Then we will knock out anything that we have left or projects that the little ones might be in the way for. Then the two of us have rest time for an hour. After rest time they play, most of the time with the other kids in the neighorhood who are home from school and I try to pick up around the house and start dinner.

Those days we seem to have the best attitudes in the house and everything just seems to flow. I am really looking forward to more of my days being like that.

I got a good surprise today. One of my friends in the neighborhood came over and offered me two white boards that she did not need anymore. Cool. I am not sure where I will put them yet, but they will definitely be useful!



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