Friday, May 20, 2005

A body at rest...

I have been spending most of today studying the laws of motion, primarily inertia. I was planning on spending the day cleaning, but that idea went down the toilet along with my dinner at 2:00 this morning. I was up sick for three hours, then boom I felt fine again though without a lot of energy.
And without my hyper energetic, talkative child here to force me into motion I have remained a fairly unenergetic blob. My other two combined do not equal a force upon my mass as great as she does.

With one less child around I have decided to tackle potty training K. She does not mind using the toilet, but has no initiative to do it herself. So we are going to the bathroom every hour and so far today she has only had one accident and that was because I got sidetracked when it was time. So we will do the same tomorrow and then on Sunday she how she does with a little more autonomy.

Today was basically K's day. We started doing some tactile play with grits in a tin pan (the grits were old and I was getting ready to throw them out). She had a blast making her handprint and 'irkles' (circles). I introduced the letter B and we practiced writing B's in the grits. Then we painted a couple of printouts of "B" and then she played with the frig magnets while I fixed lunch.

She helped me do a load of laundry after lunch and then I let her choose a movie because it is Friday and of course it is raining. She chose The Little Mermaid, this month's favorite. So K, little EM and I cuddled for awhile watching the movie until little EM went down for her nap.

I balanced the checkbook and payed some bills because DH got paid and we can't really just let the money sit in the bank can we :) Then I joined K in veg-world until it was time to pick up the van. I do now have a car that doesn't complain every time I hit the brakes and that makes me very happy.

What I did not get done: Mop Kitchen and Eating area, Move kitchen table back into its normal place, actually change out my clothes for the seasons instead of living out of a box, organize and purge girls' bedroom. "I have four more days to tackle those projects" the procrastinator in me says.

On the good side I have one more child that much closer to a diaperless existence, same child now points out all the B's that she sees in addition to A's, she got to paint, little EM and I had wonderful conversations, and my phone/internet service will not be cut off this month.

I do miss MB. I have talked with her and she is having a wonderful time and being very spoiled. I have spent some time thinking though some focuses for us over the next month-six weeks when she is actually home. I would like to tackle Money. She is interested and I am always explaining it to her when she asks, but I think it woul be good for her if we sat down and pulled it all together. Does anyone have any good games for reinforcing coins/equivalents that is not playing store?

I am hoping this weekend that we might actually get out some and go to a couple of community activities that I saw in the paper today. Unfortunately they would be right up MB's alley, but I think all of us will have fun at them anyway.



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