Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Book Review: City of Ember

I read The City of Ember this past fall while I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of little EM. City of Ember is actual juvenile/young adult fiction, but I will read anything if it stands still long enough. In this case my mother was one of the judges for Battle of the Books competition in her county and needed to read/re-read many of the books. This was one that she happened to have with her.

This book was an excellent and very thought provoking read. I would recommend it for advanced 10-year-olds to 14/15 yrs of age. It, in my opinion would make a great discussion book concerning societal development (think Ayn Rand Anthem only for younger readers).

This popped up now because Sunday night I purchased The People of Sparks, a follow-up to The City of Ember and it looks to be every bit as enthralling. I have a feeling that these two books will make it to my shelf for future use with the girls.

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Update: I just finished reading The People of Sparks. It is excellent and all I could think about as I read it was what great conversations and discussions that could occur concerning cooperation, mercy, charity, anger, revenge and gifts of individuals. Like I said it is for older children, but even adults could really get a lot out of both of these books. This would be a great family read.


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