Friday, May 06, 2005


I have been really good today about my computer time. Except for hopping on this morning to make sure a deposit had been made so I could go grocery shopping this is the first I have been on the computer. (Patting myself on back)

Today, was dark, cold and rainy. It is Friday after all. I of course expected the big girls to sleep in. Boy was I surprised when they woke with me for little EM's morning feeding. Oh well, it was a dream to get a few more hours of sleep.

After all were fed we headed out grocery shopping as I heard that the weather might even become worse in the afternoon. We did our monthly thing at BJ's. While we were there I had MB pick out something for her since I had to buy something for the other two on this trip. I was happy to see that she chose a magnet science kit over the Princess book with make-up.

The Park Day was cancelled due to the weather so we came back home and made chocolate chip cookies. You will notice that I tend to do baking on Fridays, especially when the weather is ugh. While the cookies baked K and little EM took a nap, so MB and I pulled on the magnet kit and had a lot of fun just exploring it. There are a lot of experiements that will be fun to do when the kitchen table is not so trashed from other things.

MB and I also went over her a few math problems I had given her last night. Then she read another story to me. About that time K and little EM woke up. So they are supposed to be watching Mulan which I rented through Blockbuster, but instead are thoroughly irritating each other. But they do look pretty cute in their mid-summer sundresses (it is 50 degrees top outside) while begging for popsicles. It is May after all even if the weather doesn't act like it. Trust me, in a few weeks I will probably be complaining about the heat and humidity.

So while they listen to Mulan and irritate each other, I decided to hop on the computer for a little break.

So, break time is over.

Peace to all,


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