Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hamster Wheel

The past two days I have felt like I have been on a hamster wheel. Running, running and running without really getting anywhere.

My mother came into town Tuesday afternoon which creates enough mayhem alone. It is nice to have her, but she loves to go from on activity to another and does not know the meaning of relax. So after she got here we spent most of the afternoon running around and trying to get some of her errands run.

Wednesday I dropped MB off for preschool then took my van in to have the brake pads replaced, or at least I thought I did. Mom, picked me up and we ran more errands with K and little EM. Then picked MB up from school. That afternoon MB and I baked cupcakes for MB's last day of school party. At 4:30 I realized that I had not heard from the mechanic yet so I called to see when I could get the car as we needed it to transport the whole family to MB's preschool graduation that night.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the mechanic's control (we have used him for several years and know that yesterday is not normal) he had just checked my car to see what needed to be done. If he began the work on it I would not have my car until today. So I had to ask him to put everything back together so we could pick up the van to use last night and today and reschedule for friday. This means that I am also racing around today trying to find people to help me with the drop off and pick up of my van.

MB is now a preschool graduate. Aren't I proud. I know, I know sarcasm doesn't really suit here, but geez does it have to be made into such a big deal? Last night I again had to explain to her that she would not be going to Kindergarten next year, that we were going to have school at home and that in fact she had already completed her K year a few weeks ago.

Today I had my last day of my bible study. That is a little sad as we have really grown as a group. We may do something else again in the future, but right now we all feel that we need a little break. We all have so much going on between our families and other committments that we just need to break for a little while.

I had to leave the bible study early so that I could make it to MB's school for their last day program and picnic. Better program than the night before. It was nice and I know that MB had much more fun. We had lunch and let the girls play for a little while. After that we came home to pack MB's suitcase.

MB is gone for a week. She will be spending part of that time with my mom and part of it with my dad. I will go down next week to pick her up. This is the first of 6 trips she already has planned for this summer. I am going to miss her, it will be real quiet around here. I already have some plans to clean up and out the girls' bedroom. This will be the time to weed out some of the toys that are only wanted when I am ready to get rid of them.

So I am going to sit and relax in my quiet house this afternoon. I will clean tomorrow since I will have no car.



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