Sunday, May 29, 2005

Unrelated Things

We have been having a nice weekend back at home. Trying to get settled in again with MB being home, although she leaves again either Friday or Saturday. Both girls have gotten summer haircuts this weekend. MB's mainly to try and fix the self-imposed mullet that she cut and K because she looks so cute with a little 'dutch boy' style cut. As much as I like long-hair I have to say that they do look better with the shorter hair and so much easier to take care of.

Here is a picture of the girls that I took last week. This is at a beach on the sound. MB and K had found a piece of seaweed and were showing it to my mother and myself.

This next visit that MB is going on she will actually be attending a daycamp for 5yr olds and studying the sealife in the area.

With MB's success at RV camping with my dad last week it got me to thinking that it is about time for us to start doing some camping. My family actually only went on one long camp trip growing up. It was a car trip from NC to Maine to take my step-brother and step-sister to a summer camp up there and visit my step-father's parents in Maine. This was 22 years ago this summer. I can remember the miserableness (not a word - but really describes the trip in some parts) of setting up camp in pouring down rain, tire blow-outs in the middle of nowhere, heat and bugs. But it was also a wonderful trip. I had an opportunity to visit places and do things that I have never had since. It was a long time ago and many would have thought that I was too young to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately that was the only time my family ever camped out. My step-father was too busy with his business in the summer and I spent most summers at summer camps. I am glad that I have that memory.

My husband on the other hand, camped his entire young life. His family criss-crossed the US a few times. He has a lot of memories. Some of which have not gotten better with time. But we agree that camping is something that we want the girls to experience.

Where we live now we have several wonderful and inexpensive state parks within 30 minutes of our house. And we have decided that we are ready to start camping. So this weekend we picked up this:

Tents have become so much more since I camped. This thing is huge. Large enough for dh to stretch out his 6'5" frame in. In a few weeks we hope to go on our first 'expedition'.


DH is off tomorrow! This is the first Memorial Day he has had off in something like 15 years. We are trying to decide what we want to do. He wants to play golf (snicker, snicker) like he can find an affordable, decent tee time at this point.

Wednesday I want to take the girls to a nature hike at a local lake with the HS group. That is the only thing planned at this point. I might actually get all her clothes washed and put away before it is time to pack them again.

I believe our Moth is getting close to emerging from the coccoon. Keep hearing it bounce every now and then. Will have pictures if anything happens.

Off to do bedtime.



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