Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Classical CO-OP

I am trying to contain my excitement. I went to a informational homeschooling group meeting last night discussing various approaches and techniques. As you know I am trying to figure out what would be the best ways to begin a more structured approach next year as MB begins '1st grade.' I heard about a co-op in this area that I had never heard of before. It is Classical Conversations. It is a K-12 Enrichment program for Classical Education.

The pluses for me is that it would provide a group education for MB once a week that we can build on during the rest of the week, and also do our own thing in other areas if we want to. MB would be with other children, seeing them learn the same things she is. There is also mother-run nursery and preschool for K and EM, so that they would be entertained and in a group setting while I work with MB in the class. Something like this could also help sway some of the doubters in the family.

It does have a cost, but not something that I believe is unreasonable.

There is a specific informational meeting next week for the local group so I will know more then. But right now I am pretty excited to find something like this for her.

Another exciting note is that through the HS support group that I just recently joined in the area I found a friend from eons ago who is homeschooling. We have promised to get together soon and catch up. Her oldest is only a year older than MB.

I feel really blessed that God is definitly putting programs and people in my path so that DH and I can be comforted in our path of homeschooling.

Peace to all,


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