Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We have had a really good Wednesday. MB had a field trip this morning with her preschool to an organic farm. I dropped K off at my sister-in-law's new house and went on the field trip with MB and little EM.

It was a blast. The kids got a hay ride around the farm. And we talked about how organic farming is different than traditional farming. They got to pick strawberries. Prime strawberries. The manager said that it has been a wonderful spring for the strawberry crop and they were really just hitting their ripeness.

Then we saw the beehives that are out there for pollination and honey.

The kids got to plant seeds and bring home, so we will be adding snap peas to our garden.

Then we headed over to the horse barn where the children got to bush down the pony and then ride her in the ring.

After that we had lunch. I really had a lot of fun and enjoyed talking to the owner afterwards about how he got into organic farming after a career in sales.

Then we headed back to my sister-in-law's and hung out there for the afternoon. I got a tour of the new place. Right now I have a little house envy. I really like new houses, it is kind of like that new car feeling. You know that no one else has had time to mess it up and you are the first to do anything in the house. Not to mention it is really a wonderful layout and they have this whole unfinished bonus space - What I could do with that.

On the way home MB wrote me a story. This is a new thing with her. When she is in the car over the past couple of days she has been writing short little stories. They are only a line or two, but boy is her confidence in doing it increasing.

Now we are home, and I am looking around at all the things that I didn't get done today that I normally do. But that is okay because I think we all got a lot out of today.

Oh yeah, our little caterpillar friend is undergoing his transformation. What makes this so interesting is that he never really finished his cocoon, so we can see through into where he is. So every now and then we sit down an just stare at what is happening. I am afraid to take a picture or do anything that may startle him, because I would hate to overtax his nervous system. But maybe I can get a picture if the natural light is right.

Have an interesting day.



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