Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Five Questions

This is a a little game going around right now. It is really fun learning more about the other bloggers out there. If you would like to participate and have me do five questions for you leave me a note in the comments section.

TexasBlu asked me the following questions:

1. Women make sacrifices for their families every day. What was the greatest sacrifice you've ever made for your family?
There are times that I may begin to feel like I am making a sacrifice for my family but normally I end up with the greater benefit. When I left work to be home with the girls I thought it was a sacrifice of 'my' time and family income. But it really wasn't a sacrifice because I believe that I have benefitted so much more than anyone.

In general the sacrifice I would say happens the most often is of private time. I am a person that needs downtime from other people, alone time, quiet time and at this stage of my childrens' lives it just isn't possible all that often.

2. The good fairy has granted you 3 wishes - no strings attached. What do you wish for?
One more bedroom and a playroom in our house.

A new minivan with lifetime maintenance and a self-cleaning feature so I don't have to worry anymore about the transmission going out and all those other little naggling repairs that have to be made, and so those messes the girls make in it will just go away.

A free trip for my family once a year to anywhere in the world

3. If money was not an object, where would you go and who would you take with you?
The place I have always wanted to visit are the British Isles. My entire heritage is from there and I have always felt drawn to the countryside of Ireland. I would like to take my family and especially my mother as this is a place that she has always wanted to visit.

4. Who would you pick in history to be your mentor? And why?
This is a very tough question. The only person that pops into my mind is Jesus. I would really love one-on-one, face-to-face mentoring on how He wants us to understand His parables and His life.

The other person might be my great-grandmother so that she could tell me how she raised 13 children, sewed clothes for the community, helped run a family farm all without the normal, hi-tech appliances we have now.

5. I have a huge phobia of fish and tornados - what are your phobias?
I don't have many but tornados are also my biggy! I had a nightmare about them when I was eight and have been terrified since. Up until I was in high school i would take a pillow and blanket to my bathroom when a storm would come through. Now I just pull the covers over my head.

The other big one is heights. I cannot go abouve the third step on a step ladder without starting to shake. Forget about riding roller coasters or bungee jumping because I get sick just thinking about it.

This was a lot of fun. Thank you texasblu for the great questions.


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