Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Awesome Days

Warning - Gloat Post

A good fairy must have waved her wand over my house this weekend. I have been walking around wondering if I am even in the right house. The girls are getting along resonably well, and are not even trying to push my buttons for the last two days. MB has been willing and cooperative in helping me do the chores and K is not screaming "No" at me when I ask her to do something, instead is replying in this too cute little voice "No, thank you." She has even started putting her pants back on by herself when finished with the potty. Which is big as she would rather run around bare.

MB is continuing with the self-led kick, and I am just sitting back and enjoying it right now. We started off the day today with toe nail painting while listening to the phonics cd. Then the two big girls pulled out every wooden puzzle we own and actually took turns doing the puzzles. My heart twittered watching MB help K with them.

Then MB came to me and asked me what her school work was today, and I had planned nothing since I have been enjoying her play so much, so I gave her the assignment to copy the memory verse for the week. I am working with her on writing in lower case letters since preschools only seem to teach upper case. She pleasantly wrote the verse and then recited it for me. While MB was doing that K was in the bedroom listening to a story from her LeapPad.

When MB was done she went back to the bedroom to play with K. Together they built a huge train track around their room and down the hallway. They continued playing like that for most of the morning.

After lunch MB and K began to play pirate, making a huge treasure map using the brown paper inside gift wrap rolls. Which led them to playing outside for awhile.

During rest time MB came to me with the "Dressie Bessie" that K had been given and she wante me to help her tie the shoe. After a few demonstrations, MB then told me to go away while she did it. Shortly there after I heard her yell for me. She was jumping up and down celebrating, she had done it. For the next hour she ran arounf the house trying to find all the tie-up shoes she could to practice on, which are not many this time of year.

The other exciting thing, for me, is that MB is doing her nightly reading again. On her own, after our conversation last week about when she would read she picked back up the pre-primers (from the 1950's). She has already read through the first two and is working on the third. It is like she never even stopped reading for a month or so. She doesn't drag out every single word in the sounding out stage, instead she is taking her time and trying to figure out the word before she says it, using the picture clues and just all in all having a much better and positive performance. I don't know what to do next because all I have are the pre-primers and up till now the readers from the library have been overwhelming to her. I guess I shouldn't worry about it, as MB has been pretty good at telling me what I need to know recently.

I just had the share how much fun and how exciting it has been recently. Of course I am putting this down in words it will change, but hopefully I can hang on to this memory when things start getting tough again.



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Carrie said...

Sounds wonderful! If you figure out what you did to be so blessed, could you pass the information on? My kids have been "at" each other all day long lately and I'm feeling very frustrated.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.