Saturday, July 23, 2005


I have been very home-centered the last few days.

Thursday I completed my first project. Everything went really well until I realized that I had overlooked one minor thing on the first half, which had me going back and re-doing 3 hours of work. So I got it all done :) and sent in. Then I just wanted a break from the computer for a little while.

Since MB will be leaving on her two-week trip soon, I have narrowed her summer school work back to writing, phonics and math (money). She completes her sit down work in less than an hour and we spend the rest of the day, until 3:30 with her pursuing whatever interests her for the day. Lately it has been enjoying some of her Kindergarten CD-Rom games and magnet science. I am treating this like kind of her vacation because when she returns we will be starting our organized, approached purposeful homeschooling. I have a lot of organizing to finish up while she is gone.

Friday we completed schoolwork and the rest of the morning was spent in domestic education. I had MB work with me in giving the bathrooms a good cleaning, while also showing her how I expect them to be cleaned weekly. When she comes back, her newest chore will be to wipe down the girls' bathroom (clean sinks, counter, brush toilet, clean mirror, and sweep). She enjoyed it, but we will see when I start expecting in from her several times a week.

I was in the mode, so after the bathroom lesson was over I continued cleaning. All bedding got a wash and I attacked our disorganized kitchen. I also pulled back out of the garage an old desk we had and set up the laptop in the family room. This gets it off the kitchen table where I was working, while also keeping me in a place that I can keep an eye on the girls no matter where in the house they are. It is also available to MB to use if she needs it for her school work. The drawer space is going to be nice to have. I now have a drawer to store my work, and a drawer for MB's weekly school work.

Last night I was so tired that I crashed. I woke this morning feeling better than I have for several weeks. Today, DH had a golf date, so I took the girls grocery shopping, which I have been putting off, but we were out of way too many fresh things. I kept wanting to do something with potatoes and haven't had any.

I found through Candy a wonderful website about homeschooling with preschoolers, Preschoolers and Peace. Very useful read for me as I prepare to embark with a preschooler and crawler/toddler in tow.

Enjoy your weekend!



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